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Chris & SON Towing Inc

Blocked Driveway Car Removal

Ridgewood, Queens NY

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Blocked Driveway Car Removal in Ridgewood, Queens NY

It can be very stressful to go outside your home or arrive at your parking spot only to find that a car that doesn’t have permission to be there is blocking it. What do you do? Call Chris & SON Towing. We’re one of the most trusted blocked driveway car removal services in the Ridgewood, Queens area. It doesn’t matter if it’s your driveway, assigned parking spot, garage, or parking lot that is being blocked or used by unauthorized vehicles, our team will tow them away in no time.

24-Hour Assistance

Situations like these can happen at any time of day or night, so we are available around the clock to take your call. We’re one of the leading services because our customers know we’re reliable, and we have a long list of happy customers from one side of New York to the other.

We will remove cars or vehicles blocking the following areas:

-Parking Lot
-Assigned Parking Spot
-And more.

Additional Services
We offer a range of service beyond towing cars out of driveways. This includes flat tire assistance, emergency towing, boosting batteries, towing cars from accidents, and more.

Need help? We’re here to answer any questions you have and can dispatch a truck as soon as you need it.

When a car is blocking your driveway, do the following to have us remove it.
1.Call the police at 311.
2.Give them the details about the blocking vehicle.
3.They will come to the property to issue a ticket against the car.
4.When they issue the ticket, you can call us right away to remove the vehicle.

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